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There are 10 photo albums.

St Bartholomew
Patronal Festival with Bishop Chris on 25th August 2019


St Germoe Church christenings
Christenings at St Germoe Church


Sithney Church renovation work
A selection of photos showing stages in the major renovation of the interior


St Germoe - Queen's 90th birthday
Celebrations in Germoe Church Hall to mark this wonderful aevent


St Germoe Church - Palm Sunday
Procession from the church on Palm Sunday for the Gospel Reading at St Germoe's chair


St Germoe Church Crying the neck
Photo of the ancient ceremony of "Crying the Neck" when the last corn (the neck) is reaped by scythe from the fields and hung in Church until the next harvest


St Breaca
St Breaca photographs, including Friends


St Germoe Church
Views from outside in the various seasons


Sithney Church Flower Festival
Various photos from a Flower Festival entitled "The Sithney Story".
This featured historical events over the centuries.


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